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weekend warrior

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I remember seeing that you could buy each volume separately, But now you cant is weekend warrior just like volume one?


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    Weekend Warrior is very similar to Volume One, but is designed as a Stand-Alone course for those who are looking at a slightly less than professional-grade vocal course.  It is intended for students who want to add to their singing skills without investing the time and money required to approach a more professional level of singing expertise. 

    Weekend Warrior teaches the same foundational basics that the KTVA PRO course is based upon, but does not go into the same detail, and is not going to teach you everything that you get from a PRO Bundle.  The PRO Bundle is far more extensive and takes a student from the basic building blocks of the voice all the way to advanced singing techniques in greater detail with incredible amounts of detailed video lessons.  No other vocal course contains even a fraction of the amount of hours of video vocal instruction included in the KTVA PRO Bundle. 

    Weekend Warrior is a great starter course for those who may later want to up the ante and move on to the KTVA PRO course.  It's a great booster for those who may just be looking to do Karaoke and surprise their friends, or some who have always wanted to see if they could learn to sing better, but are afraid that a PRO course would be a big risk.  Those who take their Karaoke or hobby singing more seriously and want to really excel may also want to go the route of the full KTVA PRO course.  Those who just want to blow their friends' minds on Karaoke night once in a while will do fine with Weekend Warrior.  WW will be their secret weapon.

    Weekend Warrior does not include access to the Student areas of the KTVA Forums.  Weekend Warrior is a Stand-Alone course.

    Folks who are in singing in Bands or who want to start singing in Bands or soloing in coffee houses might be better off taking the full PRO course, because the music business is very competitive and playing for Pay can require a lot of skills and stamina.  On the other hand, if you can't afford the full course, or just aren't ready yet to take the plunge, Weekend Warrior is a SUPER bargain, and will set you on a course that will mesh perfectly with the KTVA PRO course if you decide later to move up. Weekend Warrior is a good choice for those who are eyeing getting involved in Open Mic sessions and Jam Night at the local music venues.

    It's a new way to get your start with KTVA, to maybe find out if KTVA PRO is right for you. 

    KTVA is now offering only Weekend Warrior or the full KTVA PRO Course.

    For any past student who has purchased one or more of the KTVA Volumes, KTVA will still allow you to buy the rest of the Volumes individually.

    KTVA has been having numerous ongoing bargain sale prices for the PRO Bundle course.  If you've been thinking about the PRO course, you may find that it's on sale right now... or you may have waited too long.  The other guys have been going crazy sending junk emails and running ads, while KTVA has quietly been helping singers attain their goals at the lowest prices ever.  Those sale prices could change at any time.

    KTVA PRO is a bargain at full price.  It was higher-priced when I bought it and I still say it's the best money I ever spent on myself, and I don't regret one penny that I spent.  Don't wait.  Do what you have to do to make a decision and get on with your singing life!  KTVA blows away ALL of those other singing products.  I know.  Been there, done that. 

    KTVA is hands-down the BEST singing lesson product money can buy.   It works.

    All the Best!



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