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Open throat?

halcyonhalcyon Enrolled Posts: 50
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I have a question

when doing the scales should I be concerned about keeping the back of my throat open?

or do i just keep my tongue on the base of mouth and not think about keeping my throat open?

do we need to constantly look at ourselves in the mirror while doing the scales to check if our throats are opening or uvulas raising?


  • sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    keeping the throat open is the key to working the scales.  when i am going through the workout i do watch the back of my throat in a mirror.  I also practise without in order to get the "feel" in the back of the throat.  It's all about muscle memory.  When i began the series, i focused more on the vowel mods, because they really seemed to free me up immediately.  The tongue position was not a huge concern, just keep it to the base of the mouth.  I have been working series 3 for a few months, and have brought my focus back to the tongue position, experimenting with dropping it slightly as i sing higher.  It does open up the sound even more.  i hope this helps.  Keep on rockin.
  • SanninoSannino Pro Posts: 66
    Yes, be concerned. The tongue on the base of the mouth is part of keeping the throat open, just like opening the mouth really wide, not moving the jaw and keeping a bright sound through the whole scale.

    Most definately, use the mirror, specially if you're new to the technique! Gradually, as you get used to the feeling of the open throat, you won't need it anymore. I feel pretty confident about it now, but once in a while I still use the mirror, just in case.
  • halcyonhalcyon Enrolled Posts: 50
    tnx a lot you guys :) 

    awesomely quick response and pretty darn dead on my question

    tnx a lot you guys Sannino and Patrick 

    that will be a really big help thank you!
  • sspatricksspatrick Enrolled Posts: 1,278
    not a problem.  we're all learning, and helping each other out.  Ken is one of the best instructors/singers that i've seen.  Just do what he says, and you'll be fine!:)  good luck on your singing adventure
  • NigelNigel Administrator Posts: 138
    This is a great thread guys, thanks.  Going to use this exchange in our newsletter - without your names of course.  

    Rock on!

  • halcyonhalcyon Enrolled Posts: 50
    Thanks Patrick :)

    yeah ken is amazing 

    and you guys are too :)

    cuz your answers were exactly spot on tnx a lot for that!
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