Greetings from Finland!

Hi everybody! I am a 16-years-old guy from Finland and after thinking and delaying a whole year, I finally decided to give this a shot!

I am very excited and I am now waiting for my DVDs to arrive. I have been singing my whole life just for fun until now. I am going to take this seriously (not too seriously) and become a great rock singer.

I am a high baritone and last year I thought that I can't ever be able to sing all my favourite songs from my favourite artists and bands. That was before I found Ken Tamplin. I was considering a year before I made a decision and now I have very high hopes for this.

I play guitar and harmonica, and I want to learn sing along. My favourite bands and Artists are Miljenko Matijevic from Steelheart, Sebastian Bach in days when he was the frontman of Skid Row, Bruce Dickinson and of course the Iron Maiden, Bon Scott and Brian Johnsson from AC/DC, Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and of course many more.

Well, anyway it is great to meet you all!


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    Hey @Ilsakki,

    I did that exact same thing. I agonized for a whole year before I pulled the trigger and bought KTVA! I could still kick myself for waiting that long! I would be a year ahead of where I am now, but NO!!!!

    The good news is that you and I both made a great decision when we got beyond our good intentions and took action to change our singing life for the Better!

    Your good fortune is that even with your Year of delay, you are starting KTVA early in life and have many, many years to grow your voice into a MONSTER!!!

    I'm very glad for you. You have chosen wisely!

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    I have a one question for you about the technique how the singing lessons work.

    Do I make the workouts while watching the DVD or is there audio tracks which should be used while doing the workouts?

    I hope that you got the point and I hope that my English is understandable.

    Thank you! @highmtn

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    There are separate Audio workout tracks that you will do your daily practice workouts on. These same tracks can also be used to warm up on, but they are used for your daily practice to help grow your voice.

    The DVD's are primarily instructional, and show you the techniques you should be using when you do the audio exercises.

    You'll want to watch the DVD's, then do the audio exercises.

    Re-watch the videos periodically, as you will always notice something in them that you overlooked before.

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    OK, thank you so much! @highmtn
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    Hi there, i was a singer in my younger days and gave up for over 20 years. I had started singing at home,but wanted my old voice back. Thats when i stumbled over Ken Tamplin youtube videos. i really liked his style. It took me two days to think about it. Once i watch all his videos my mind was made up. I bought the complete set. i am over the moon. I also have myself a singing coach who has been in the music industry for 40 years.He is marvellous. I am aloud to use MY ken Tamplin during my singing lesson i want. i use my videos every day. My tremolo is slowly coming back. I cannot stress enough how great Kens videos and audio cds have done for me. I am already improving. Its amazing. I had started with just under 3 octaves, then 3 octaves and now over 3 octaves of music scales. That in itself is a miracle to me. I f you buy his DVD set,you can't go wrong.
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    Hi @franny77 ,

    I feel a pretty more confident every day because of your answers and I believe what you say. I can see that you are an experienced singer and I appreciate that!

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    It will only work if you practise every day even for 15 minutes. i do 30-60 minutes a day. Hope that helps
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    Thanks for the tip!
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    Sorry to bother,but I finally got the DVDs and I was doing the audio excercises. Can you tell me, is the Vol. 1 audio CD the main vocal excercise, or is it just a warm up CD? And how many times I should do that CD in a day?
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    You use the Volume One Audio CD as the Main Vocal Exercise for as long as you are studying Volume One.
    You should go through it at least once every day, five to six days per week. Twice would be better. More than that would be good, if you have the time. As long as you don't push your voice hard, you can sing for as long as you like and are able to.

    Re-watch the video periodically to ensure that you catch every detail that Ken is telling you. You will always see something that you missed before.

    Plan on doing Volume One for at least six to twelve weeks, maybe more, depending on how much you practice.

    You can also go into the PRO Forums to the PRO VIDEOS and check out the Basics Videos that are there. They will give you even more insight into the basic building blocks of KTVA singing.

    Glad you've gotten your lessons package!

    Enjoy the journey!

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    Thank you so much!
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    How can we get onto webinars and past webinars. Is there a link?
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    @franny77 ,

    You will find the past webinars here on the forums in the VIDEOS FOR ALL KTVA STUDENTS area here:

    There are currently no upcoming new webinars.

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