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Just recorded voice for first time since before starting KT course

In the past, I was always little embarrassed hearing my recorded voice played back. As you know, recording can be very unforgiving. Mistakes are really obvious and in your face. When I would hear my recorded voice, the tone was actually pretty good, but I always sounded like I was straining on higher notes and really off pitch, especially on lower notes. Being a songwriter, this was really frustrating. I would have to record a song for another singer to learn, but would apologize about how my voice sounded. To record something that sounded remotely professional, I would have to record a ton of takes, comp the best words and phrases together, and still use some type of tuning. What a drag!

Today, for the first time since before starting the KT program (5 weeks ago), I recorded myself singing one of my original songs. WOW. The difference was incredible. Everything sounded much less strained and more open as expected. But what surprised me the most was my pitch. No comparison. I literally thought I had unintentionally left some type of vocal tuner on the track. But when I checked, there was no pitch correction whatsoever. While I was singing, it would only take me a split second to recognize if I had hit a note off pitch. Then, I was able to adjust so quickly that it was almost imperceptible listening to the recording.

For the first time in my life, I'm ready to start recording my own songs without being worried or embarrassed about the sound of my voice. This is a huge deal. And this is only 5 weeks into level 1!!! Can't wait to hear how things continue to progress through the rest of the program!!!


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