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So I've trained with The Other Guys and their PART 2 product for about 3 years now. I've had good success but not as much as I'd like. My biggest frustration is still the bridge/passagio.
I wanna be able to sing upto C5 consistently. That's all I need with my range :(
I can sing from A2 to B5 but the notes in my mid voice are unstable and weird sounding. Upto F#4, the notes are good but after that they become unclear/weird/whiny.
I bought KTVA 3 volumes in 2014 but didn't use it yet because I didn't wanna mix two methodologies.
How much time should it take to sing C5 in a connected fashion so that I can actually sing with that range.
Would KTVA help me with that?
Here is a sample of me trying to hit C5, A4, B5, etc.
These sounds are very head dominant but somehow sound powerful to me?!
In reality, how high should my chest voice go before I fully hand it over to head?


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    Hi, @Rockstarr,

    Everybody's voice is different, so there is no standard answer for how long it will take you to get to a C5, or how high your voice will go before you hand it over to head voice.

    Generally, most KTVA students are aimed for C5 in chest. Some won't make it to that note. Some will go further. The hardest battle is from G4 to B4. Once you get that far and manage to do so without struggling, you can get to C5 and beyond with relative ease.

    How far and how fast you can progress with KTVA depends on where you were when you started KTVA, your own physical makeup, how much you practice, etc.

    The other method you worked on does not teach the same methods. You've been studying some habits that you will need to break to get out of the rut you've ingrained. Many of us here came from that place. I spent over two years on that other program, and there was no getting beyond the F/F# limit in chest voice, no matter how much I did the exercises. There was absolutely nothing in that program to train you to sing in chest above about an E4 or an F.

    We don't have open discussions on this forum about other vocal methods, or even bring them up here, because they don't work, and serve to just confuse students who are here trying to learn KTVA. As you said, we don't want to mix methodologies, either.

    KTVA will most definitely get you where you want to go.

    If you were starting from scratch, a chest C5 could easily take a year. It took me longer than that, after working that other program. You may progress faster, but you have a lot of work to do. You have to stretch your chest voice. You havent' been doing that with your other program. You have to get started on stretching chest. You also have to leave that other program where you found it. It doesn't work, not the mixed voice part or the main program. It's mostly based on "tricks", shortcuts, and using consonants to try to force your voice into higher notes. You don't learn to meow here, and won't do any Nay, nay, nays. They don't help.

    It would have been more efficient for you to have started KTVA when you got it. Now you're that amount delayed in getting started, but better late than never. You should start right now, and give KTVA your full attention and focus.

    Stretching chest is a slow process, because it involves growing. Growth takes time. It involves building stamina, which also is a process that takes time.

    What I am not hearing in your voice is support. That is to be expected, because the other program doesn't even mention support. You will need a lot of support for the notes you want.

    You have a lot of range in your voice, but not that much control. The way you are singing now will blow your cords out in any kind of sustained, regular use in that manner. You have a lot to learn about breath control.

    The good news is that you seem to be a serious, hard worker, and will be able to prevail once you build a new foundation for your voice and then build upon that base.

    Give yourself some time to get there, and your results will be very good.

    Roll up your sleeves and dig in. You're going to like the way your voice begins to grow with KTVA.

    Welcome to the Forums.

    Oh, yes, You should apply for a forums upgrade so you can see the student areas of the forums. There is a lot of information available here that is only visible to students.

    Copy and paste a copy of your KTVA purchase receipt and send a request for forums upgrade to ktvaforums@gmail.com

    Include your username.

    All the Best!

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    Thanks a lot for the reply. Yes I've started with KTVA since yesterday and I'm planning on giving it all the focus.
    C5 in chest?? Are you sure about that? Cuz when I hear Ken doing it, its chest dominant but clearly a mix.
    And one year is nothing for me. I will dedicate even 5 years for getting a C5 in my chest but what matters to me is the end result.
    Also when I try to stretch my chest, I don't even know if I'm using my chest or mix. However, I automatically modify the vowel sounds (which is strange because I was never even aware of doing that).
    If I can sing to a C5 with chest, why do I even mix?
    In volume one, Ken himself mixes his voice around E-F-F#.
    What do you say about stretching chest? Any tips on how to "not bridge"?
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    You will be cutting back the chesty tone as you approach the higher notes, so it could be argued that you are
    "Mixing", but actually you are "reducing" the amount of chest.

    What you will NOT be doing is bridging into head voice to get there, which is what you have learned to do in your other program. And whiny, nasal sounds aren't used to "pharyngeally" get into a mix. You may use some mask, but that's not a substitute for inclusion of actual "chest" tone, although reduced, still being present in the sound. You'll see when you get there.

    As you begin to get your chest voice stretched it will begin to make more sense to you.

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    RockstarrrRockstarrr Member Posts: 3
    Ok ok.. I got it I think. By bridging, you mean to not go into head right? Cuz I tried stretching chest straight up and it actually almost hurt me.
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