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forgeting the scales (pitch jumps) after one day

hello guys! I have been exercising for 4 days in a row, and my problem is that after a sleep(the other day) I forget the jumps and my pitch is worse.
it takes me about 10 mins of exercise to feel comfortable hitting the notes, im doing the 123454321 exercise (starting with a GUH and holding the pitch for 1 second, and I can hear that buzzing when the 2 pitches match.
actually after 10mins (exercising on diff vowels for 2 hours) I feel so comfortable that I can do jumps without effort and when I try to sing something easy(when I know the notes I should be hitting) my cords just know where to go, its a weird feeling.
on the other day when I wake up I feel like ive lost that control, does anybody have any explanation to that? and will I ever buying that muscle memory so I can pick some random note and and perform a scale perfectly without practicing it first for 10 mins?


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    You will always need to warm up your voice before beginning to expect it to work properly. Ten minutes isn't really very much and not enough for a proper warmup. You should warm up for at least 20 to 30 minutes before expecting your voice to be up-to-speed.

    "Guh" really isn't that good of a "vowel" to practice on. Using hard consonants to get to a note isn't the best way to learn to sing. Singing sustained vowels, such as AH, initiated by a LAH and sustained on AH is a better approach.

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