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Can someone help me with this issue?

sylviallysylvially Member Posts: 1
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I have used paypal as my payment option for a long time and gonna to use paypal for all the purchase here. However, for a short time I changed my primary email address on the PayPal website.i also changed it in vb. now that my email is working again I changed it back.Now most of my recurring payments are failing and in the log I get Authentication failure.The failing payments are trying to use the other email address. I tried repair/update tables related to this with no luck. Can someone help me with this issue?Otherwise,i am forced to choose another payment option, can anyone recommend one for me? my urgent use! ! ! I found one on google---epay global payment(www.epay.com), it's said that it's free to pay and get paid via epay, at the same time, we can get paid in the form of commission from their referral program. Who has tried this? Any feedback is welcomed to share here. As an aside, payza is not my concern due to the poor experience.


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