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Hi everyone, my name is Eva from Quebec Canada. I just started the lessons yesterday and I already have a question. I am able to do the diaphramatic breathing but slower of course but I seem to use also my back when I exhale the sound which gives me a bit of a sore back. Is it cause I am doing it wrong or is it normal or my stomac muscles are to weak? I think my posture is as instructed. Sorry if my english is not perfect, it is my second language. Thank you Eva

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    When you expand your belly to take in a breath, you actually should be expanding all the way around, including your sides and back. It's just that your belly is more flexible, so the main expansion happens at the front of your abdomen.

    If this is new to you, you may feel some discomfort from using muscles in ways that you have not used them before.

    Back pain is no fun, so be careful.

    When you do expand all the way around, if you overdo it some, you may displace your backbone a little, so be careful with that.

    You want to try to stay comfortable with letting your body adjust to the new things you are trying to get used to.

    You will learn that your diaphragmatic breathing for singing is going to be mostly about releasing the breath in a slow, controlled manner. Instead of "huffing" the air out in a big puff, you want to let it out slowly. It's one, long, slow release, and we make the breath last as long as we can, letting the air out gently.

    All the Best!

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