Is there different ways to sing full voice?

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Since I have been part of a cast of Tosca with top notch singers I really have to question what is regarded as full voice. Most pop and rock singers claim they are singing full voice but if I compare with opera I really can not believ that this is true.
What do you think?

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    I would say that rock/pop are different than opera in that the range required can be much higher and the tone (distortion) may need to be much heavier.  To accomplish one (or both at the same time) you have to take some weight off with all of our KVTA techniques or you probably won't make it past one or two songs.   I can't image an opera tenor (typically topping off at around C5) taking his technique and applying it successfully to an AC/DC song sitting in the the E5-G5 range.   Having said that, you have to give great respect for the opera singers as they are typically much better trained than the pop/rocks singers.  That also means that it's not usually a fair comparison between a random rock singer and a random opera singer.
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