Just a friendly Canadian sayin how's it goin Eh?

Hello KTVA forums, Ive just started Vol. 1, i love it. I can already see how this is really going to help my voice grow! I write tons of music so my biggest problem is that i can kind of sing the idea of what i want someone ELSE to sing as a final copy.... but theyre my songs. SO, why should anyone else sing them? Right??

My biggest goals for this are to be able to sing with power at the up eschelon of my midvoice and have great control. I am a huge Brent Smith fan, as well as M shadows from Avenged sevenfold and slowly becoming a huge fan of the lead singer from Nothing More(not sure his name yet I apologize).



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    Welcome, @werd. Nice to hear from you. You are correct. You are just seeing the tip of the iceberg with regard to what this program will do for your voice. Dig in and take your workouts seriously, and wait for the effects to begin to take hold. Listen to Ken and follow his instructions.

    We're here to help, as well, Eh?

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