Greetings from Spain

Hi! My name is David and I'm a new KTVA Student from Madrid, Spain.
I think my story would be sort of unnusual, 'cause I'm in my 40's and I'd never try to sing before.

I used to play guitar (I still doing it) and I love instrumental music. I like vocal music too, off course, but I'd never pay atention to lyrics, and just focus on the feelings that brought to me music itself.

Anyway, I decided a few mounths ago to find out a way for my voice to be useful for singing, because when I tryed to sing, I couldn't hit high notes and as I like some kind of Coverdale raspy voice, I got muy through really tired, and eventually hoarsed.

So, I started with a local vocal coach, that surprised me making me see that I actually had a good voice with more than 2 octv of chest voice, good resonance, and prety good support too! In three mounths I improved and find muy head voice, and starts to sing some -maybe not too much difficult songs but impossible for me before- songs like "Dust in the wind".

I'm really gratefull to her for discover me my own voice, but I see that she cannot teach to me haw to sing the way I wanted, and then... I saw Ken video about hyper glottal compression on Youtube!... No words... I NEEDED to learn from him!!

And here I am, willing to start and grow my voice :smile:


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357

    That's a great story, David! And, yes, you have come to the right place. You will learn a lot from KTVA that you simply would never learn from a local teacher.

    You found Ken on YouTube, so you know he's going to teach you to sing in ways that only he is demonstrating.

    Follow Ken's instructions and take your time, being sure to do the exercises daily. Your voice will grow, and so will your tone.

    We're glad you're here!

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    djfndjfn Pro Posts: 11
    Thank's Bob, and glad to meet you too! :smile:
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