Hi from Canada

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Hey everyone. I am 48 and have always enjoyed singing along to songs throughout my life and drawn to music. I took up guitar a couple of years ago as a hobby and decided I wanted to grow my voice and maybe someday do some busking etc. That led me to look around to find a really good vocal training program and I found Ken's YouTube videos. I mentioned to my wife how much I liked his voice and videos. My wife bought me Kens cd/dvd set last October as a birthday present and I have been practicing ever since. I spent three months with volume one, and the past seven months on volume 2. I am now moving into volume three. Honestly, for every volume, I thought to myself that it would be really tough to do but with consistent practice the exercises got easier to follow until I was doing them well on my own. Volume three will be a big challenge but I am doing it in small chunks and working my way up to the full run. My goal right now is to someday feel comfortable enough to sing and play in front of people.


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