Hello from Switzerland

Hello there,

My name is Caroline and I am living in Switzerland. I am in my late 30's (last year I can say this ;) ) and have been singing since... ever. I still remember that when my parents moved to another location when I was around 7, my teacher had written a goodbye note saying "I hope that she will keep singing". ;-)
Even though I have always had quite a good voice for somebody who is totally untrained, I have always thought I should go a step further and learn how to sing properly, especially because of typical issues with high notes, and my wish to be able to add compression at will on my voice. So... after a lot of years of "I-do-not-have-time-for-it", here I am. It is so convenient to be able to follow the course through videos that I can watch whenever i can.

The fact is... I still do not have much free time, but I have some time that is definitely not optimised: the 2 hours/day I have to spend on the road to and from work. So even though it is not ideal in terms of posture, I decided that I would use this time to train my singing instead of just driving and being stuck in the traffic jams. :-) Yes, I hate having the impression of losing my time!

Not much else to say... except perhaps that my references in terms of voice are Skin (Skunk Anansie), Floor Jansen (After Forever, Nightwish), Alanis Morisette... Well, I think that I have still a long way ahead before being able to sing like them (if only it happens one day :-) ). But I'll keep trying to improve.


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    Welcome to the forums, @Osana.

    It's good to hear from you. You are right. Singing while driving is not optimum... but you could be doing something every day to improve your voice, while still paying proper attention to driving, especially on long stretches, away from other traffic. And sometimes you can pull over in an empty parking lot and have your "soudproof room" right there, all around you, while you work on things that require more of your attention.

    You are at a point in life that is great to be having a new beginning with your voice. I did so at a much later age, so you have plenty of prime time to begin a new vocal journey. You're just a Kid!

    Nice of you to let us know you are here. Stick around.

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