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How to know if I'm a good singer

StiussoStiusso Member Posts: 3
Hi everyone! the forums seem really great so far, from what i ve been reading. Lots of cool people around :) . Anyways, to the point: im not a singer, ive never taken any lessons in my life or anything similar, although i do the second vocals in my band from time to time, when needed. When i hear myself while im singing i mean, i think i hit most of the notes in the songs properly.However when i listen to recordings i sound like a deaf person trying to sing. Whats that? are recordings accurate enough? or do i just have a horrible self perception of my own voice? (people have told me i can sing, although i dont think so)
Thanks people! Cheers.


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346
    Hi, @Stiusso.

    It's hard to say without hearing your voice exactly what may be the issue. Recording and listening back is a good way to evaluate your voice, but if it's a "bad" recording, then it may not be such a good way.

    Are these good, clear recordings?

    You may or may not be aware that most people don't like the sound of their own voice when they hear it played back, because we are not accustomed to the actual sound of our own voice. It sounds different to us, because we are hearing the sound from inside our own heads and other people are not.

    You have to get used to hearing your own voice on recordings and then you can do a better job of evaluating your own voice.

    Many people who are self-taught do not have good singing habits. They are just doing the best they can while "making up" or inventing their own method of singing. Good singing is normally going to be using the most efficient ways to sing properly, and that is seldom the way we sing when we are not trained in any way.

    I, too, sang backup vocals in bands before having any actual training. I had no idea what I was really doing, and considering that, I sounded pretty good. That said, it actually did not sound very good at all. It just wasn't bad for someone who had no idea how to really sing. I had decent pitch, but no range and terrible tone, and really had no idea how it should be done correctly. There is a big difference in training on solid techniques versus just opening your mouth and squawking like I used to do. You're probably better than I was.

    I sing lead vocals on stage without a second thought now.

    Post a demo if you like.

    All the Best!

  • StiussoStiusso Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the quick response mate! What makes me doubt a lot, is the fact that although in my head at the exact moment im singing, i hit the notes, when i hear a recording (for example a cellphone recording of me singing over something) i sound awful, like, i dont hit the notes at all. Treat me like the absolute begginer to singing that i am, any tips where to start? any videos to self teaching? Cheers mate
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346
    Start with Ken's Video channel. There are about 300 free videos there. If you watch them all, you can't help but to learn more about your voice.

    Start with the proper breath. You'll find that there.

    There is a Playlist called Singing Lessons for Beginners.

    Start there and see what you can learn. Eventually you will want a full course to put it all together for you, from start to finish. You need the full picture. Start here and see where that takes you.

    All the Best!

  • StiussoStiusso Member Posts: 3
    Thanks bob, ill follow your advice!
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