Hello I'm from Pohnpei Federated States of Micronesia

I'm 16 and I wanted to learn how to sing since I was 13 years old. Its been three years of trying to find the perfect website and I see a lot had learned from here. So I thought to myself maybe I should try it out.


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    Hi, @Tobicho661

    I wish I had enough sense when I was 16 to start learning to sing correctly. Good for you! Nice to hear from you.

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    @highmtn people always put me down and tell me that I will never become what I want to be just because I'm from Micronesia. People tell me that I won't make it anywhere unless I'm American or anywhere from the United States. Idk but I'll keep trying and if America doesn't accept me I'll find a better place that won't judge me because Of where I'm from.
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    I've been through a lot lately. I lost my grandfather and we had no choice but to shut down the business and come to America. And I've been without my parents since I was 3 months old and never got support from them. When I graduate they never came to my graduation but I'm fine with just my grandma with me.
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    I don't know who is putting you down or why they would say those things. It's best to stop paying attention to those who tell you your dreams are foolish. Your dreams are yours, and if you believe those who tell you that you will fail, then you may never succeed.

    Everyone in the United States, except the Native Americans, is from a family that came to the U.S. from somewhere else. We're all from the same Maker. Nobody is better than anybody else as a person, although some prejudiced people may think that they are.

    So let them think what they want, you can't change them. You can change yourself, and you don't need their approval to do so.

    I'm sorry to hear of the hardships you have gone through. That's a lot of sadness and difficulties. But you still have the desire to sing, and that come from the heart. And when you can find yourself singing from the heart, it helps to set you free from your troubles. So follow your heart, and do what you can to learn to sing.

    You have a long life ahead of you. If you train your voice now, you will have singing to take with you through all of your ups and downs in your life ahead. Starting to learn now gives you the possibility of becoming a very good singer as a young person and later as you grow older. That is a wonderful thing to begin now.

    All the Best.

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