Trying out a little more darker sound


Ken says that darker sounds tends to go flat and i get that. But if you dont darken it too much it feels like it is doable. I'm just trying things my voice can do

Does it sound flat?


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    Jonas, this sounds pretty good, really. Although you have put some dark sound in your voice, you still have a nice high (bright) component, as well.

    It's OK to use different tones, but Ken emphasizes that the really bright tone is the only sound that will really GROW the voice. So it's important to grow the voice initially, and to keep it bright when we are growing it. That's because resonance happens most efficiently with the bright tone high frequencies.

    If we train, emphasizing the bright tone, it will become embedded in our voice, and be there as a component in our voice even when we sing less brightly. And we can darken even more if we need to, for effect.

    So when you work out and train, use the really bright tone. If you want to sing high notes, you will need to be good at the bright tone, because you will pare off almost all of the darker weight and need a strong, bright, pared-down tone that you have trained well.

    You are not singing flat. There are some notes that you bend, and some of those sound a little questionable, but you are not singing flat all the time due to your tone.

    I actually like the tone you are using, and yes, it does fit the mood of the song, so it's all good.

    I also like that the lyrics are at a nice, more relaxed pace, much like I mentioned in your last demo. This is a better way to kind of dwell on each thought you are expressing, and to give your voice a little time to come across emotionally. Giving fewer words more time to sink in is a good way to let your listeners follow along and be there with you in your song.

    Good job.

  • wow thanks for the feedback Bob

    Your advice is really good

    I found that i really like that bright tone ken talking about. It feels great when you use it. I'll keep using that bright tone when i practise and when I sing but i will work on a darker tone aswell, if it fits the song.

    And Bob yes i picked up on your point that you express emotion better so the notes are more held out.

    Thanks again!

    Man this forum is so great! :)
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