Swedish voice


My name is Joakim (a 50something guy from Sweden) and I just bought the KTVA-HTS Pro Bundle and really like it :)
Actually I'm already a singer already , sort of, when we talk about chest-voice. I'm a bass-singer and used to sing 2-bass in a choir for quite some time. I sing comfortably in range D2-A3.
I've also played guitar and keyboard in rockbands and jazzbands for many years. But I never mastered the art of singing that much... Especially when it comes to middle- / head-voice which always have been week and hooty.
I'd love to learn sing the "money notes". For me that means powerful and relaxed singing all the way up to A4 (I.e the A above middle C).

My role-models are Chris Cornell and Myles Kennedy. There are many other singers out there as well, but I really like their powerful but yet relaxed singing-voices!

Lookin forward to discuss singing-topics with You :-)


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