Please Give Critique and Advise

I'm definitely hoping to hear some really helpful and insightful info on how my singing is and whether or not it's really good enough to keep going on the full path of being a professional. This is my absolute passion but is it worth going after if I'm just not good enough? I don't know! Thats why I would love your help with advise and constructive criticism. I'd MUCH appreciate it! Thanks!

This is my cover of Wings by Birdy.


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    I think you are definitely "good enough" to keep going. If singing is something that matters to you, then there is nothing wrong with your voice that should discourage you from following a path to take your singing as far as you can get with it.

    I think you need training to build more consistency in your voice, and to give you more confidence in your ability to do whatever you want to do vocally.

    You sound good as you are, but a solid foundation in the voice would help you to build upon the talent that you already have.

    Also, you need to be aware that doing music as a means of support is something that can be very difficult to achieve, because there are many who want to become professional musicians, but few who can make enough to live on music alone. Many of us here work as paid musicians, but also have bills to pay that exceed our musical incomes. With that said, the additional income from music is very helpful and can help to put food on the table. You have to really work at it, AND have a bit of good fortune to boot, in order to land a job in music.

    I have always been blessed to be in a band since I was fourteen years old. A couple of times a year or two went by when I was in transition from one more permanent music situation to another, but the slow years have been few and far-between.

    So my suggestion to you is that you dig-in and prepare yourself for the long haul, to have a life that is enriched in the ways that only involvement with music can have. You may even need to consider living somewhere that there is a bigger music scene than where you currently reside.

    I moved from Oklahoma to California many years ago for that very reason. I still had to have a "day job", but my musical horizons greatly broadened when I relocated. I was also blessed to land a very good-paying day job, which helped to keep my musical life afloat. Some of my musical buddies from Oklahoma followed me and we raised up a band on the West Coast that brought in a lot more money than we had made in music back East. We had to work very hard to accomplish that, but we played so much that some of the band members were whining that we never had any time off. That's the way I like it.

    Anyway, I think that if you give up your pursuit of music, you will find that you would look back on that as one of your greatest regrets. So with that in mind, you should do everything in your power to become the best singer you can possibly be, and do what you are able to do to put yourself into a band or some situation that will have you moving forward with music as one of the central focuses of your life.

    All the Best!


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