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Hi dear KTVA,

Recently I just tried to cover When I'm Sixty Four by The Beatles, and realized that the G4 in that song is not as hard to reach as I thought it would be. Ken's advice on brightening the tone seems to work right here, since I did not feel hoarse or any overworking in the vocal cords afterwards. Although a G#4 or an A4 is still not consistent, at least I have the knowledge that I can hit these notes physically, and certainly they will be added into my performance tessitura with more practice someday. Attached is the link for your evaluation:

When you do give feedback, I hope you are also not giving feedback only on the vocals, but also the guitar work if possible so that I can continue to develop my chops in the instrument at the same time to be a more solid musician.

Thanks All!

Timothy :):):)


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    One of the things you can do to improve your singing overall is to put less emphasis on your consonants. For example, "bottle of wine" you tend to break it into four pieces: "Bot.tle.of.wine" and it can flow better to de-emphasize the consonants: "bahtahlahvwaheen", making that into a more contiguous phrase with very light consonants, and mostly the AH vowel to sing upon.

    There are also places where you bend up to the correct note. You may be doing this as a stylistic choice, but you should be careful about this, because some listeners will think you are singing flat, rather than deliberately bending up to a note. An example of this would be at 0:54 on the "der" part of "older".

    You know, and are capable of singing the correct note (G4), but choose to start on an F4 and then go to the G4. People know that melody, and are expecting the G4. When you hit an F4 instead, the first thing they are going to think is "wrong note" or "flat". They may or may not be forgiving when you bend up to the G4.

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    @highmtn Thanks Bob! The slide was meant to be deliberate. I know in the actual melody that Paul sings a direct perfect fifth from C4 to G4, but I just choose it to do it that way. It is still somewhat appropriate and does not distract the tune in my opinion, since most listeners who gave a listen do not comment anything on that (unless there are people who want it to be sung like the original, which I am very sure there are). At the same time, if you have any comment on the guitar playing, you can always provide some.
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