hey I'm Chris from Colombia

I started the program today and I am making my daily work plan tomorrow.

let me know if you have any suggestions on how to work on this effectively.


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357
    Welcome, Chris! Depending on how much time you can devote, you should practice at least five, perhaps six days per week. Plan on one hour each day, and if you have time, make it two hours.

    Watch the videos first, then do the audio workouts. Watch the videos more than one time. Every few days watch them again. You will learn some things that you missed before, each time you watch.

    You should see a file called "How to do Volume 1" at the bottom of the folder that contains the video files. That is either a pdf or a WORD file with instructions.

    Nice to hear from you!

  • salazar85salazar85 Pro Posts: 6
    Hey Bob, thank you so much. I am planning to one hour and a half 6 days per week. I wanna be consistent and I'm not planning to move on with anything until I feel that I master it.

    when I sing I feel that the space I have in my throat is restricted, I am very curious about the whole open throat thing. we'll see.

    thank you for the support
  • Hola @salazar85 ,aquí un vecino de Chile en la tercera etapa,Saludos!

    Hi, @salazar85 I´m the good neighbor from Chile in the third stage,Cheers!
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