Hello everyone! My name is Altamese Akiva-BenAvram

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I am a new KTVA student and I am 62-years-old! I am excited to be here. I have always loved to sing and am pretty good at it, I'm told, but I've never really done much, until recently, to develop my natural talent. For the past year or so, I've tried a couple of local "Vocal Coaches" and was very disappointed in their approach. Thank God for the internet! There's no excuse not to educate yourself as to what a vocal coach should be teaching you. One of my teachers was an excellent pianist who'd actually won 1 Grammy for an original score and been nominated for another; however, he knew nothing about the voice, though he was billing himself as a vocal coach. The other one was use to training children and had me doing exercises like "My Mommy Made Me Mash My M&Ms," which made me feel childish and foolish. Once I did my research, I realized that I was wasting money, time, and spinning my wheels, in fact, getting no where. I was totally frustrated, realizing at 62 because I had not used my singing talent much and because of aging vocal cords, I was losing my gift. I became very discouraged and a little frightened. I've spent money on Speech Level Training, which did little good. I've spent money, quite a bit, on several of the most popular online training programs, including Brett Manning and the TVS program. There are others, too, which I'm sure you'd recognize that I purchased and I saw very little improvement in my voice. One day I was looking at Youtube, praying for help. I knew there had to be someone that could help me and I saw a video of this man, Steve Kaplan, telling me what I'd already discovered: that most of the programs I'd tried would not give me what I needed to develop my voice and that I should give his program a try. So I took another leap of faith and purchased the KTVA program. I've been using it for almost 2 months now. First, I'll say that I don't trust customer reviews when I hear that "Oh, I immediately saw progress in my voice!" or "In one month, I was singing like the pros!" Well, I can honestly say that in 2 months, I can tell that my voice is strengthening and smoothing out. The breaks, although not completely gone, are getting smoother and less noticeable. What's happening is that I am now aware of where my breaks occur and what I should be concentrating on. I know that in a reasonable amount of time, I'd say six months or so, my voice will be better. I don't expect miracles, but I do expect, with lots of consistent work, that I will have my vocals back, and not only that, but they will be better than ever. So, for you older, mature students, don't give up. This program is the real deal! I don't fool myself that I'll be a big star at this point in my life, but I'll be a star in my own eyes and in the eyes of my husband, family, and friends, who are touched so deeply when I sing for them. Thank you so much Ken, for your generosity in sharing your gift and your knowledge. It is changing my life and giving me the courage to finally begin to share this gift that I have with confidence!


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    It's nice to hear from you. I'm glad that Ken's program is helping you to find your way to getting your voice in shape.

    I tried all of those other programs, too, and they just didn't work for me, even after years of giving it all I had to give. Ken's program was different. It actually worked, if I put in the time and effort and followed his instructions.

    You're right. In six months, you will be feeling much better about your voice, and in years to come, it will keep getting better.

    All the Best!

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    Thank you, Bob. I do, however, have a couple of questions. I have not been able to locate the PDF files on on the DVD ROM that's mentioned. I can't find them for Vol. 1 or 3, I'm afraid. When I bring them up on my computer, all of the audio lessons and the DVD lessons appear with no problems, however, I have not been able to find any of the PDF files. I ordered the lessons in 2 payment installments and the File with instructions on how to proceed with Vol 1were emailed to me before I received my package in the mail, so I do have that one, but I don't have the one for HTS Vol. 3. Can you tell me where they might be located or direct me to someone who might be able to help me? Thanks for your help.
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