My debut solo album - "The Expression" (progressive rock)

Hello everyone! :smile:

I want to share with you my self-composed music. I wrote/composed all the songs, I recorded and mixed all the songs, played on the drums, keyboards and sang all the vocals. My friends helped me with guitars (bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar). I know my English accent may not be the best but I hope you can understand all of the lyrics. :wink:

You can listen to the whole album here -> https://play.spotify.com/album/4Lq8bANvjMrA1QXIZW6ADS

If you like it you can help me and buy the music here (FLAC high quality files or MP3) cdbaby.com/cd/huberttorzewski
or here if you are familiar with iTunes Storehttps://itunes.apple.com/pl/album/the-expression/id1043565225?l=pl

It is also available on Google Play Music etc.

I struggled for almost one and a half year with finishing this album. But finally it is done!
Let me know how you like the music and everything :smile: Every opinion is appreciated!
NOTE: The first and the eight song are instrumental songs, the rest are with vocals. The music genre is progressive rock.

I will be performing those songs live soon so KTVA techniques will definitely help me be in shape and sing with much more confidence.


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