Hello! Greeting from México!

I just wanted to make this post to introduce myself to the forum. My name is Pablo Chavez and I´m from Guadalajara, México. I´m studying music production and own a small recording studio here in Guadalajara. I´ve loved singing for a long time and was studying with a teacher a few years ago. I stopped studying with her because I went there for about a year and didn´t really see any gains or development in my voice. I couldn´t sing songs I liked because they were too high for me and I got discouraged to continue singing because I was told that was the range I was stuck with. A few years later I tried Brett Mannings singing success and did see some gains but noticed the poor technique in the vocal soarness after the workouts and saw that Hayley Williams from paramore got nodules using Brett´s technique. Then I heard about Ken´s approach and was completely motivated to try his method which makes more sense and also seems more legit to me. Right now I´ve just started practicing the video stuff and seem to have some complications because of what I previously learned at Singing Success (not because I don´t left it at the door but because some of that stuff was automated by my body like the way my vocal chords react when going above my first passage area) My goal is to become a great music producer, singer and songwriter.


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    Hello, nspablo1.

    We're glad you're here. Many singers come here after trying other programs, especially THAT one. I myself tried that other program, and gave it my best efforts for about two and a half years, before I realized that no matter how much I practiced the exercises and methods, they just didn't really work. I wasted considerable time, money, and effort on that very same program (both of their major products).

    I can tell you that KTVA does work. You are just going to have to start from the beginning. There are some other programs out there now, calling themselves "hybrid" programs that "combine" that other program with "methods similar, or even the same as KTVA". That, too, is bunk. You CAN'T use those other methods, because they Really don't work, and yes, we DID waste our time and money on them. The people that are telling you that they "Take what you learned in XX program and combine it with KTVA" are just trying to take all of the dissatisfied customers from that program and make them their own customers, luring them with the false hope that they will finally get some value out of program X.

    You really DO have to just forget everything those other clowns taught you and start out as a blank slate. You won't lose any range or anything like that, but you just have to Listen to Ken and do exactly as he says. No more nay, nay, nay, goog, goog, goog, or meow, meow, meow. Forget about ALL of that. It's PURE B.S., not the road to success.

    We got took by them, that's all... They got our money and we got nay, nay, nay.

    Time to move on with KTVA.

    We are here to help you. A year from now, you will know. No matter how many years you spent on that other program, it was never going to work. You will see new range and new power if you follow Ken's instructions.

    It will take you a little while to get built-up to the point that Ken's exercises become a little easier for you. You are probably slipping into head voice very early from what that other program taught you. You will have to un-learn that and many other things.

    Don't worry. Welcome to your new home.

    : ^)

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