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Ever experience abdominal and ribcage cramps during a performance?

I have a bad knee so I walk 4-6 miles about 4 days a week. The past couple weeks I've been singing my set during my walks (not for any reason other than to help myself remember the lyrics.) While performing this past Saturday, I began experiencing cramps 4 songs into the set of what was a 90 minute set. The cramps were from my abs to my ribcage and not very fun of an experience. I've never experienced this before and I'm pretty sure that it's because I took my walk earlier that same day, which I usually don't on gig nights. I am overweight but am thinking that maybe I just got a little cocky for my own good thinking that I could get away with a workout that day. Just curious if anyone has ever had this experience before. For those that are curious, the cramps didn't stop me from doing my job, but it made it very uncomfortable.


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    Were you doing anything different with your breathing on these particular walks. I know that I have practiced pushing down on my diaphragm when running, and that can cause your muscles to work in ways they never have before. I can't say that I had any cramps as a result, but while running, I could certainly feel the effects of working with my diaphragm while needing it to keep supplying air after going over a few hills.

    It could be that you worked your diaphragm differently on this walk than you usually do four times a week, and it became sore as a result.

    I know that when I was a kid, if I was out of shape, and then ran, the cramps in my side, from my diaphragm, were nearly unbearable. They would go away when I quit running, though. You had to keep singing.

    Be careful, and take careful note of any feelings you may have on your walks, especially while supporting. If it feels a little uncomfortable, Stop. Figure it out, and find a different way to avoid overstressing any muscles.

    All the Best!

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