Hello from Sweden :)

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Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all :) Just bought the pro course and I look forward to what this could do for my voice. I've been singing in a lot of choirs and small garage bands and stuff, and I think I'm ready to bring true character to my voice, since I find it quite flat now. Not sure where my style will land, I love lots of genres. But a nice and stable base will probably get me far anyway, right? Even though this is "just a hobby" I still want to explore how much my voice can change. Let's rock this!


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    Yes, @humlan, let's rock this! Building a great foundation for your voice will make it much easier to aim for many different genres. This will be a lifelong journey, but you will make progress for as long as you continue to work the course.

    Be sure to watch and re-watch Ken's videos, as you will notice things that you overlooked before, each time you watch again. Practice at least five times per week, an hour each day, and your voice will begin to grow noticeably.

    Looking forward to hearing good news from you. We are here to help you along the way.

    All the Best.

  • Kul att ha dig här! Najs med lite svenskar :) Du har hittat ett bra program!
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    Im also singing att a hobby level only. I play guitar and sing when i have to. but since i started the course its more like i sing, and i play guitar when i have to :)
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    Thanks everyone, including fellow swedes :)

    I haven't been able to start my course yet, I've been fighting the worlds most stubborn cold (according to me)... My throat is not feeling well at all so I won't start this before I can talk for one minute without coughing :wink: But I'll get there!
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    Get well soon, @humlan!

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