Please critique my exercise 17 (stage 2) and comment if I'm ready for stage 3...

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Hey folks, I've been working hard since my webcam with Ken a month ago. He told me a few pointers to improve, which I've done for at least 3-4 weeks. I just want you guy to have a listen to see if you notice two things:

1) is my volume constant? Am I favoring certain parts of my register or is the volume constant like Ken teaches?

2) is there a break in my voice? I know that this sample audio I have a slight break or two but, usually my voice rarely has those breaks. (I guess I'm a bit nervous when recording my voice! )

Any comments are very much appreciated.


https://dl-web.dropbox.com/get/Public/exercise 17, stage 2.band/Media/Male Basic#21.m4a?w=b606a408

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    Hi Nico,
    You are trapping the sound in your throat and your soft palate is not raised as you ascend losing the bright timbre.  I'd say you are probably doing the vowel mods too early and forcing your larynx down as opposed to keeping the throat open.  Remember that bright sound is the cornerstone of the method.
  • smpzpiratesmpzpirate Member, 2.0 PRO Posts: 9
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    I don't know whether the above is an update as I've not listened in a while but I thought I could give suggestions on what seems to be helping me right now....

    For a start your sound sounds like the low larynx ss/sls thing which means that you need to drop the dull mid yawn sound and try to achieve something more neutral so there is no tension before you start.

    So, I had a couple of bad vocal days and knowing I'd been in a good place before I went back to the Lah-Ah sound. I tried to make the sound and get a feel for where it was that made it feel bright and free and I came to the conclusion that for me I had to properly open up my mouth with the smile/ scrunched up cheeks thing and that it felt right and sounded best when I 'aimed' the sound at the soft palate and uvula and that as the exercises and notes ascended or even if I siren the sound, as the notes get higher I feel that they move backwards or further back along my soft palate and aimed up towards the crown of my head.

    This way the integrity of the sound improved a great deal and my upper register blended much better with my lower register.  I suppose because due to 'aiming' the sound that way it is naturally pharyngeal and resonates in the mask freely.  That is to say, doing it this way, it goes into the mask more easily than the idea of thinking that the sound comes forward or forcing it forward which can be done but generally I think that it is not conducive to open throat.  You can get bright small sounds that way but I think the mid voice will not be correct.

    Basically think and try to feel the sound travel backwards rather than forwards - it will still resonate and come into the mask but this way your throat will be more free and open.

    Have a try anyhow, I'd be interested to see if that idea helps you too.


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    Can't seem to download :(
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    Sorry Nico, I have the same problem. Can't open/download your file...

    Have you "shared" your folder so everyone here can see it? Seems to me that your link is just the copy of your public-folder adress?
    I'm new to dropbox (just signed in 5 minutes ago :-)) but I think you should check this...

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    Sorry for the broken link...I think this time the link should work. If it doesn't then I'll really have to read up on how dropbox works!!! lol!  Anyways, please comment if you think I'm doing the exercise right or if there's a break or change in volume. Thanks!

    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/68637752/exercise 17, stage 2222.band/Media/Male Basic#21.m4a
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    @smpzpirate that sounds pretty interesting, I'll have a look in to that myself! thanks :)

  • smpzpiratesmpzpirate Member, 2.0 PRO Posts: 9
    Another thing you can try which is a new one for me but I think really helps with placing the sound without it falling back in the throat is the Melissa Cross - above the pencil thing...

    Put a pencil between your teeth at the front of your mouth and try to experience the sound above the pencil.  Try it with an mmmm and then an EEE sound first and then try with a LAH sound without the pencil.  If the sound falls back in your throat 'below the pencil' you are making the sound wrong most likely.  It seems to help get you in the ball park for those bright LAH sounds which you should now experience more around the soft palate and upper jaw into the cheeks etc.

    Even if you are not a screamer, the Melissa Cross 'Zen of Screaming' is worth a watch as much of it ties in to what Ken teaches in my opinion except for the modern metal scream stuff.  I'm always open to different ideas anyhow and it re-iterates a few things I've taken in from other singing programs.

    The voice can feel like a different beast on a daily basis I think so every little tip that helps I try to take on board. 
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