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I have been doing the KT program since mid-June and am currently on level 2. My previous comments about the program have been more about improved vocal stamina, increased range, better pitch, etc. One of the other unadvertised benefits has been the confidence I have gained over the past 4 months.

This weekend, I am singing a duet (I'm singing first verse, she is singing second verse, singing harmony on chorus) for a wedding. The other singer is taking lessons from a Christian recording artist who has had several hit songs that have gotten a lot of radio play back in the 80's and 90's. He is around 60 and still has an incredible voice. Yesterday, I was asked to meet at his house to run through the song a couple of times. Several months ago, I would have been terrified. This time, I wasn't bad. I was a little nervous for the first couple of lines of the song. Then, everything was fine. I wasn't at all intimidated by who I was singing in front of.

After working out a couple of rough spots, he said "wow...y'all sound great". Thanks KT!!!


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