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How to overcome the neves

Has anyone got any tips to overcome the nerves?


  • streeterstreeter Pro Posts: 679
    edited November 2015
    Change your mindset. There's a really cool book called the Inner Game of Music. I don't think you can ever completely eradicate nerves because in theory you really care about what you're doing and that will always lead to some sort of internal pressure.

    The better prepared you are and the more you can put yourself on autopilot helps too.
    Also 'just do it' in as many situations as possible. Experience is probably the number one key. If people are overly judgemental, it's usually their problem... Just look at YouTube comments regarding some of the greatest musical talent or sporting finesse the world has ever seen...

    Most people that turn up to gigs or ask for a song just want to have a good time anyway. High pressure environments are usually the academic settings where you are specifically playing to hear what your flaws are... Not in a lounge, club or bar where people are tipsy and ready to have a good time.

    I don't know if this is true for anyone else but for some reason proper breathing technique, breath control etc... really helps me get in the zone rather quickly.
  • josephinejosephine Pro Posts: 30
    Dear Streeter,
    Thanks a bunch for the helpful tips. I just get a little put off by some of the bitchy comments but I will rise above it!!
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346
    Yes, josephine.

    As @tinaalcorace says, Rise above, and love!

  • tinaalcoracetinaalcorace Moderator, Pro, 2.0 PRO, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 209
    highmtn said:

    Yes, josephine.

    As @tinaalcorace says, Rise above, and love!


    haha indeed Bob. @josephine the key to managing nerves is self confidence and knowing that you are constantly learning, with every obstacle, its a chance to become better than you were just by accepting the challenge and ignoring those that bring doubt and fear into your true or undiscovered abilities. Critics criticise and winners analyse. Something to remember when critics come your way. Most of the time the critics come from those that have no experience in all you have achieved. Keep singing and use your positive nerves to drive your performance. As @streeter said, the day you dont have nerves is the day you should stop because nerves are there because we want to do well.

    Rise above and love,
    Mys T
  • josephinejosephine Pro Posts: 30
    Thanks all for the good advice.
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