Hello From UK (or should I say CA?)

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Hello! So actually, I'm from CA (Huntington Beach), but I live I in London, UK...so hello from UK! Am very excited about this program. Been singing (incorrectly) since 9 years old (I'm now 54), so am pretty jazzed for the instruction. I've had good instruction in the past from another source and developed the strength and skills that Ken teaches in Vol 1&2, but that's where it stopped & am happy to be able to go beyond that. I've been writing songs & playing in bands, both secular & church since I was a kid & have never been happy with the performance of my voice. I've been working KTVA's course now for two months and see a major improvement. Thank you Ken, Bob and others who provide comments on the KTVA website (I read comments constantly & have learned a lot there). This site is a great community to be part of! Rob


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    Hi, @Robman.

    It's great to hear from you, and I'm so glad that you are getting what you were seeking from KTVA. I found it to be the best choice I ever made, after spending years trying other courses.

    You will find that the major improvements have only just begun. As long as you continue working out diligently on Ken's methods, your voice will continue to grow. Yes, there will be those periods where you are seemingly on a plateau, but that's just a developmental phase before the next breakthrough, every time. The stretching chest voice takes the longest, but there's just no getting around good things taking quality time. You'll be very pleased with the results you get from taking that time and effort.

    You might have been Ken's neighbor, back when you lived in H.B. CA!

    Fasten your Seatbelt. Here comes that voice you've always wanted to have!
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    Thanks for your warm welcome. Yes, we may have been neighbors, lol! I spent a lot of time in Costa Mesa and all of Orange County (it's my true home/roots).

    I'm truly impressed with the amount of support you give to this website. I've read tons of comments you've made answering questions and it's really bridged the gap between what is presented in the videos and a clearer understanding. I'm working through Vol 3; have the fundamentals of 1, 2 & most of 3 down (leaned much previously from another course & am pretty strong here), chest voice is stretched, vowel mods are working & am working on some of the more difficult skills in 3 (while referring constantly back to Vol 1 and 2 to keep in check). I'm being careful not to go too fast to stay safe and make sure I truly develop what is presented. Wow, great changes already. I have a few questions that I'll save for relative blogs on this website so others can chime in and learn also.

    Thanks again,

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    Yes, @Robman.

    Do go into detail in the students-only areas and we can get into any fine-tuning areas you may want to delve into.

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