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A few questions! - New Member!

Hi, I'm Adam and I'm 21.
I have a few questions regarding singing!

1; When I sing, or warmup, I ALWAYS get a feeling of a dry throat/something stuck in the back of my throat. There is no pain, or anything. It just annoys me A LOT! Am I doing something wrong? Is that strain?

2; I normally sing 2-3 hours after I wake up.I wake up around 8-9, sing at 11. The reason I do that, is that I work evenings, so I'm home around 22. Should I maybe instead of singing in the morning, sing when im home? Maybe my body and voice is more awake by then, and it will be easier for me?

Hopefully you understand my questions!



  • streeterstreeter Pro Posts: 679
    1... You are drying out the cord via overuse of air which is due to lack of a proper support mechanism. In order to determine if you are straining we would have to hear you. If you feel constricted and are having to yell to get to notes... you are most likely straining as well.

    2... The body needs time to take up. Some guys are morning guys some guys are night guys. It's personal preference really.

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