Hello from Sweden

Hi there!

I´ve always been interested in singing as long as I remember, but I´ve never did anything serious with it. Didn´t have the guts.
I never learned any techniqes.
This took a different turn about a year ago, when I got a mixer, a couple of microphones and an external sound board for recordings.
Prior to that, a friend of mine pushed me to sing in front of her. Well she nagged for almost two years before I had the guts to sing in front of her. Horrible feeling.. Not comfortable at all.

How it went? Yup, exactly as you think... :neutral:

She is a truly amazing singer, and that´s why I hesitated for so long. I really started from scratch.

So here I am a year later, trying to go from a horribly bad singer, to a litte less horribly bad singer, at least anyway. :smile:

Almost 2 years ago, I stumbleded on Ken´s vocal academy via Youtube clips. I found that he is an incredible good singer and educator. I´ve tried some of his tips from those youtube clips, and they really work. Those few moments when I´m lucky to graze what he explains, is a really cool feeling.

So someday in the future, maybe I´m good enough, and dare to sing in front of an audience, without making a fool of myself.

I will definately consider to get the DVDs. Just to see what it can do to my voice.
Kens students definately have fantastic singing voices and talents. I have no actual hopes to be that good. Otherwise I should´ve started to sing 30+ years ago. They´re so much better than I´ll ever be.


  • AloisAlois Pro Posts: 50

    I got the dvds 3 monthts ago and ive improved more than i could even dream of!
  • HaakonHaakon Member Posts: 10
    Cool! :smile:

    Hope I can improove too. My confidence and self esteem, isn´t that good, but I will give it a shot. It´s hard to know where to go, and what to do on my own. Nice to get some direction on that :smile:
  • AloisAlois Pro Posts: 50
    You will! Just be subborn with the exercises and keep uploading sound demos! You get awsome feedback on what to train.
  • HaakonHaakon Member Posts: 10
    Yep, I´ll try! although it´s definately going to take some time before I have the guts to upload anything.
    On the other hand.. I have some gear for making recordings, but I haven´t learned how that works yet :)
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    edited July 2016
    So, since my last comment, I´ve kept doing my excercises, and noticed some small improovements. I took some beginner lessons with a local voice coach, that helped me on track with the basics. Breath support, resonance, vowel placements, and a few pointers on what I should focus on.

    I´ve started to briefly grasp a couple techniques, so I know what I´m supposed to aim at with my voice. Now it´s a matter of master it over time (loooong time).
    It´s a cool feeling when I can really lean into the tone now, but not getting tired in my voice, as I used to be quite quickly.

    It has been a cool journey these couple of months, and I´m stoked to see where I can go, and where I can be years from now.
    On the other hand, I´m not fooling myself thinking I can become anything big. I´m happy if I can improove my bathroom singing skills, and suck less. :)
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    Velkommen fra Norge! Keep up the singing :)
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