"If I'm To Die" cover

Feedback appreciated. Learned this song earlier this morning, recorded it when I got home at 8pm. No lie, it's a hard song to not get too choked up singing sometimes... and phrasing and dynamics with slow songs is definitely challenging as well. I'm learning to pay more attention to delivery.


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    Also, the original for those who are curious.
    Keaton Henson - If I'm To Die
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    Nice job. Good pitch, you managed to keep from choking up. Two easy suggestions.

    Get closer to the mic and turn it down. That will keep your voice at a good record level, and reduce the amount of hiss in the background. Yours sounded a little like the original, with the wind in the trees, but recording hiss is a bit distracting.

    If you want a little critique, maybe you might consider holding off on your vibrato a little bit. It sounds good overall, but could be more interesting if sometimes you hold straight tones without vibrato for a second or two and then introduce the vibrato a little later on in the note. Also, you could possibly slow it down a bit, but that's mostly a matter of taste. You really do sound good.

    Good Job!

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    Thanks for your kind words! I agree with your thoughts and I think I was a little too straight on some of the phrasing as well. I want to be able to get it to sound supported as well as conversational. I feel like it's a healthy challenge for me to work on being able to sustain conversational singing in Keaton's speaking range, which is like half an octave above mine... his speaking range includes my passagio area LOL

    You're so right, Bob. I realized my set up and mic gain was turned up like 3x higher than I needed em. Thanks so much for that reminder. I wish I could go back and fix the recording before it happened lol

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