How long does it take to finish the Weekend Warrior Vocal Course?

Hi everybody,
I'm a newbie. Could I ask how long does it take to finish the WW Vocal Course?


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    Anyone help me, please?
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    It depends how quick you pick up the concepts and how much work you put in. Starting at nothing... 3-4 months doing the workout back to back 5 days a week. If you have a background in music, you could extrapolate the concepts and extend the exercises.

    One thing I find that is often misunderstood about Ken's courses are they are something you can 'Finish'. He has specifically designed them (even the weekend warriors D/L) so it's consistent growth over a vocal lifetime. The way the Pro bundle is set out a few new concepts are introduced at a time, so the student is not overwhelmed physically but it's still something that you never really finish. It does take about 18 months to build the physicality required to make it through all the workouts (pro course), but then it's a matter of applying all the concepts we are ingraining into different songs, genres and adding more and more vocal weight as we grow.

    It's the same deal with the WW Workouts but on a smaller scale. We workout the support mechanism, breath control and open throat technique and then we build the weight, tone and pitch accuracy slowly overtime. Once we grasp those concepts , we start applying all the techniques we have been working into different tunes, genres etc... and each tune always has its own set of unique challenges, no matter how easy we thought it was to sing.

    I hope this helps.
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    In other words, your voice will continue to grow for as long as you keep doing your exercises and practicing the techniques regularly. Your voice will keep growing and improving for the rest of your life if you keep doing your workouts and using the techniques.

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    Thanks for your nice comments @highmtn @streeter
    I can't decide to buy WW or Pro course. Which course would you guys recommend for a beginner (I can play guitar but I can't sing)

    Sorry for my bad English.
    Thank you...
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    It depends on how far you want to take your singing. Although you may be a beginner now, you will eventually be a more seasoned singer. There is a lot more information in the full course.

    On the other hand, you could start with WW and then later go for the complete course. There is a lot to be learned in the student's sections of the forums, as well. WW does not include that level of support or access to the student areas of the forums.

    Either way, you get to get your feet wet and jump in to building a new voice.

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    Hi Bob,
    I've bought the ww course. Could you show me how to practice it to make the best result?
    Thank you.
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    Watch the videos and listen to what Ken explains. Then practice the audio exercises daily, at least five days a week.
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    @highmtn thank you very much.
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