Hello from Greece :)

NickdenickNickdenick Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 4
My name is Nick i am from Greece and I just bought the KTVA pro bundle download version. I just wanted to say a hello to the people of this forum. I am totally unrelated with singing. I am guitar player and my goal is learn to sing my songs, and the ideas that i have in my head.I am 37 years old (i hope this is not a problem for me to learn singing) !!! I love music and makes me feel great when composing and make songs with daw softwares.(i think the most of guitar players have an incredibly long hours in front of a monitor with a daw software !!!). I dont know anything about breaths, lips, excersises, head singing, etc....the only thing i know is how to make my wife say "my ears are in pain", when i try to sing !!!
Thank you all for the welcoming and i hope the KTVA method will help me. Sorry for my bad English btw. :(:)


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