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I am a heavy metal singer and my aim is to be the next Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson, or Eric Adams. I'm glad that Ken has a background in some hard rock music and I have seen some of his metal covers on youtube. I just started the course and I hope that it will help me to sing higher and increase my range. I'm not a beginner. I have been singing for over 5 years. I feel like a lot of the lessons in Vol. 1 are things that I already have developed, but I won't rush through it; I will act as a beginner just in case. He recommends 2-3 weeks before moving to the next volume but I feel like after a few days I'm already ready to move on. I won't rush though. I will keep doing the vol. 1 exercises and see where it gets me after a week or two.


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    You may very well gloss past many important nuances in volume one if you move too fast. It may all seem simple, but if you aren't doing exactly what Ken says, you may miss the point on several foundational issues.

    This is not to dismiss any background you may have in correct singing, but because Volume 1 starts out a little slow for some advanced singers, you could miss some important details.

    I went back and repeated Volume One after getting all the way through Volume 3. I wished I had focused more the first time through.

    Don't worry. Your voice will grow like crazy.

    Nice to hear from you, Kevin.

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