Gregory Isakov - Stable Song Full Practice Cover

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Link should go to the box.com mp3 player with the file cued up and ready

Working on phrasing and dynamics as well as not messing up guitar lol I tried to keep a healthyish closure while still trying not to be overly LAAHHHHH if you know what I mean? I didn't want to be mariah carey airy either, but I wanted some tenderness and thinning out I guess? I think my natural tendency is to press the heck out of my phonation so I've been working on singing below my higher range and trying to get it right from the bottom up. Feedback is much appreciated. Mic hiss should be much less of a problem now, hopefully.


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    Yes, the vocal track has zero hiss. Good job on that. It sounds a little dark, especially on the lower part of your vocal range. You sound just about right at 1:03 on "ring". That's a good tone.

    At around 1:26 it goes back to dark tone, and iffy pitch.

    It seems a little counterintuitive, but to get your low notes more on pitch, they need less low-end content and more brightness, or pitch discernment can lose its focus. So, to sing low, brighten it up. You also need to address your breath support for low notes. Your notes can tend to wobble if you aren't keeping a solid, steady stream of air without wiggles. That can require some strength and concentration, even at low volumes.

    Good job.

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