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Need to ReFocus

samuel88samuel88 Pro Posts: 53
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First off what I want to say is you do have a great program with proven methods, just for me I don't know why I can't make it work!! The frustration I feel should never be felt in a million years.. So allow me to explain. I haven't had a true "little boy voice" since the first week of starting your program over 3 years ago (I know) most of this is due to trying to multi task this but in the last year I thought "enough screwing around let's get this done" so I started from square one. Got diaphragmatic support down, but my ah vowel is still horrendous. My larynx pulls down with my digastric muscle, the back of my throat is too tall and not wide, my uvula doesn't disappear and my chest voice remains at G4, this is due to my support I lose it when I try to do open throat and when I do use it it's over sung . My band and I are tired of just doing songs that only get to that G4... I got this program to expand into 80's and I just don't know what to do... I'm trying to scrape together the coin to buy a lesson but any advice you would have for me now until then would be greatly appreciated


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    Perhaps it's time for a tune-up? How about submitting a demo so we can offer some suggestions?

    Since you're having issues with your AH vowel, I would suggest you submit a Lah Scale.

    You are in control of the width and height of your own throat. Adjust as needed. The Uvula may not disappear, but it should move up as you ascend in pitch. It doesn't necessarily have to disappear. You also are responsible to monitor tension and learn to reduce it if your digastric or other muscles are too tense. Step one is to identify the tension. Step two is to relax that tension. Support is key to reducing tension on the throat. Cutting back the air and paring down the sound is essential to getting beyond G4.

    You said you lost your Little Boy Voice. Do you have any more information as to how or why you have lost that quality in your voice? Are you dragging too much bottom end up too high?

    G4 is a barrier that can take considerable work to get past. It's done through gently stretching your chest voice, and that takes time, and it requires you to monitor your tension, and it also requires you to develop an open throat. You will find that once you begin to relax more in the G4, G#4, A4, Bb4, B4, C5 range, that you don't have to force those notes. In fact, you Can't force them. You have to relax those notes to get through them. No amount of added tension will get you where you want to go. You HAVE to cut back the tone to go up higher. Imagine a tapering tone that has to become smaller to get through a smaller space.

    Many others have gone through the process you are stuck on. They did it with patience and perseverance. You can do it, too. Sometimes you just have to get to that point where you think you'll never get there, and then your breakthrough will appear. You've come this far. Your goals may be closer than you realize.

    All the Best!

  • samuel88samuel88 Pro Posts: 53
    Thank you for the words of encouragement bob. You are right I have been dragging too much bottom up into the tone. I will start by thinning the sound ,cutting back air, relaxing the neck, and extra support! Again thank you!
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