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Converting Bad Habits and Depressing memories into good experiences

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My entire life I've been singing (or trying to sing), and it definitely has helped me with my intense bouts of major depression/anxiety. What I am noticing, however, is that as I undo a lot of bad habits I've developed over time, feelings of FULFILLMENT or comfort are going away. It's almost as if the singing habits I've leaned on, though harmful, were developed as a coping mechanism for my depression. So by undoing them, I am unraveling a lot my general emotional sense of comfort..for now. For example , In the past I have put tons of physical expression and energy into my singing, and INTENTIONAL pressure overall because it felt good. It was an invigorating feeling, which is rare in true bouts of depression. By undoing taht pressure, I literally feel as if something is wrong, or something is missing from my life. It is the strangest feeling, and is not merely uncomfortable unfamiliarity. It is quite intense feelings of there being an emptiness or void.

The point is this..habits are very much connected to our emotional state. Not just what the habits are, but the reason they were developped. And by changing them, the entire emotional spectrum may go up in confusing limbo. That's what I'm experiencing at least.


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    You will find that when you are having more freedom from actually singing correctly, you will find pleasure and emotional release from that just as much as you may have from using unsafe or unhealthy overpressurizations or "over-the-top" methods of singing. You can still fully express yourself while using good, safe vocal technique. Even more so, because you won't be damaging your cords in the process.

    You do have to let go of old habits that are bad for you. Just like if you were told to quit chain-smoking. Gee, that might put a damper on you smoking like a locomotive, but it might just be a good way for you to be around for a lot longer, with better health.

    You will simply have new associations with proper singing that are good and that stimulate joy and excitement. You don't have to tie your good feelings to poor vocal techniques. You can have a lot more fun knowing that you're doing it right and that you are going to improve a LOT.

    All the Best!

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    Well said. Exactly.
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