Greetings from the United States (east coast)

I'm a singer/songwriter from Northern Virginia. I'm pretty young, at eighteen, and music means the world to me, as cliché as that is to say. I'm still in high school, graduating in June, and I have to figure out some sense of direction, of where I'm headed, but I hope to do something with music, as it is that thing in my life I am most passionate about. I've often been complimented for my musical abilities (though I couldn't say for certain how justified these compliments are, or how sincere they really are), as I play guitar, piano, bass guitar, ukulele, and I sing in choir; this isn't meant to be bragging, as I know that I have a lot of room for improvement, and I get frustrated by what currently feels like limitations. I recently purchased the program, and it hasn't come in the mail yet, but I'm excited to expand my horizons, vocally speaking. On my EP on my website, my vocal range used for that endeavor was F2-Bb4 in full voice and with falsetto going up to the Eb5 (my low "extremes" and falsetto are mostly in the backing tracks), but performing live, my upper range can be inconsistent and sometimes crack. I hope to find better control of and power within my voice, extend my range, and perhaps be able to reliably sing the music that bands I've been in before want to cover.
(My voice before starting the program can be heard at sandpaperdiaries.com under the albums category, and mixes genres between alternative, jazz, and pop, since I mostly recorded most of the instrumental parts myself. If anyone has any tips for starting the program or any feedback on how I already sound, it would be much appreciated). Happy holidays!
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