Eager to learn and improve!

Hey everyone!
My name is John and I just purchased the Pro Bundle as well as the Weekend Warrior. I am eager to start the course and will most likely start it up tomorrow.

I consider myself a bass/baritone but I have a decent range. Part of my interest in this academy is that I want to improve my range both higher and lower and get better power and resonance throughout. I recently tested my vocal range and a rough estimate of my total range including falsetto is an E1-B5. Without falsetto is E1-E5 and I can sing falsetto from C4-B5. My comfortable range is B1-B4 give or take. I would definitely like to improve my comfortable range and be able to have stronger high notes without straining or hurting my voice.

I sing a lot of karaoke at local bars just to have fun, I did choir throughout elementary, middle school and in college. I sing a variety of stuff including a lot of country for the lower notes as well as some alternative rock and pop.

Anyway, just figured I'd give a little introduction and I look forward to meeting everyone! I suppose I will start posting in threads and new topics as my questions pop up.


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