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New year and God must be on my side

olskoololskool Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 68
It seems like the only time I ever post on here is when ive fallen ill..
Well this is another story i thought was worth a share.
So on boxing day I started to feel a horrible tingling in my mouth and throat.
I put it down to a bit of tiredness because id been up early and really hadnt had much sleep.
I work shifts you see and going from nightshift to dayshift with a few days off in between can be pretty difficult.
So i got through the gig on boxing day and i had dayshift again the following day.
Roughly about 3 hours sleep.
Why do i put myself through it?
For the love of singing thats why.

Anyways i was in some state on the morning of the 27th... Shaking and shivering...making my way to work.
I was short of breath...bones were aching..dizzy ...sick...just really bad.
Problem was i had another gig for hogmanay.
Yep 4 days away... And a 4 hour gig.
Up until 2 days before i couldnt even sing easy songs very well.
Should i cancel?
Will i knuckle down with light scale practice and see where it goes?
Well thats what i did.
Carefully building myself back up.
I also made sure i was getting plenty of sleep from then until the 31st.
So gig came round and i was fine all day.
Got to the gig...croakiness set in..
I had refrained from talking much during the day aswell..
But the scales were fine..
I couldnt cancel it...it was too late.
Ive been in a very similar situation before so i knew i could get through it with the techniques id learned from here but the night was longer.
Really had to pace it out.
I managed through it but it was so physically demanding i was completely done in by the end.
Nobody realised to the extent of what i went through last night...but thats what being professional is all about eh..puting a brave face on it...smiling through it all.
They said it was a great night..
Said i was amazing..
Thats all and more than id hoped to hear.
I always feel its about them on the night..its not about me...especially it being new year.
So i gets my money in an envelope.£300
Which is a lot for me by the way.....i really felt i earned that money last night more than ever.
I gets my stuff all packed up heads home with my parents ...who were there for support and guess what?
Envelope was not in my pocket..
I was almost in tears...i was devastated...going through all that and not having a stitch to show for it.
My dad says come on lets go back and see if we can find it.
Now this was a half hour drive away so even if it was in the street its been there for over an hour and there was a fair few people walking about...what were the chances?
We got there turned the corner into the street where i parked and there it was ...clear as day folded envelope in a little puddle.
My dad gave me a huge hug...says you deserved that money tonight son you really did...you earned it ....someone likes you up there.
Through the croakiness of my tired voice i phoned my mum who was waiting back at home and she said she had sat with her cross in her hand praying that i found it.
My mum puts every bit of faith in that cross she has...and the power of belief she has in it really is something else.
I cant explain it as well as i would like but theres been so many times and so many situatuons where she has brought that cross out and things have just gone right.
What could have been the worst beginning to a new year turned right round in a moment.
I hope this year brings good things for you all.
Keep going with the techniques youve learned here.
Don't give up...do it every day..give it your upmost best and love will shine right through..
Thats when the good things will happen and God will be right on your side.
Happy new year


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