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Questions about this program.

Hello everyone,
I am a college student in China. I've received 1 year of traditional Chinese folk song training and 2 years of professional Bel Canto Opera training before and feel easy to achieve very high notes. However, I am always struggling to sing English pop songs because it always contains an "opera sense". For example, it lost some power in the high notes. Besides, I lack some vocal music techniques to make my vocal performance more charming, and my voice always stays the same all the time.

I really want to extend my vocal skills and master more styles. Does this program fit me well?


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    I actually think this program would be a very good fit for you, because it is a version of Bel Canto methods that has been updated to apply to modern popular music styles. Some of the techniques will be different in that Opera tends to be a more covered, darker sound, and KTVA teaches a more Open, brighter sound. When you know how to do both, it's quite easy to darken for a more operatic sound and to brighten and open up for a more Pop or Rock type of vocal production.

    You will probably find that your range is expanded, both higher and lower, by using this program. You will learn to sing with power when you want to do so, and you can sing easy and soft when that is your choice.

    You will most likely be able to Belt anything any way you want to, and then turn around and sound like an opera diva if that is what you want to do.

    This method will allow you more diverse sounds. You will still have your Opera sound when you want to use that.

    Give it a try.

    I think you will love it.

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