Hi Bob. First up Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family.
I have posted 4 tunes for you....2 Deep Purple tunes (Black Night and Smoke on the water) a Styx tune (Boat on the River) and a Metallica tune (Nothing Else Matters).....I dont want to comment on these myself I'll leave that to you......just on the very end of 'Nothing Else Matters' I did a double vocal....this is not a mistake...haha....its just my lame attempt at being a mixer....quite effective though...I think so....Hope you enjoy these....been working plenty.
Cheers my friend. Tom


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    Thanks for the holiday greetings, Tom.
    It's good to hear from you again. I hope your holidays were good, as well.

    You are really, and I mean really improving. My favorite was Black Night. You really shine on that one. You are sounding pretty confident and comfortable with your voice.

    Good job on the other tunes, too. I heard a few pitch owies.

    On Smoke on the Water: "Wa" at 1:40
    "Time" at 2:26

    Boat on the River: Good Job. Excellent Bb4; Flawless Victory!

    Nothing Else Matters: "Do" at 2:13
    "Know" at 2:18
    Excellent tone at 4:47.

    Your voice is starting to really get a quality that has YOU written all over it. You are starting to sound like a Rock Star!!!

    Be careful and don't use too much chorus or delay, as that kind of blurs the sound.

    Rock on, Dude! That Bb4 at the end of Boat on a River! Yeah! YOU ROCK!

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    Thanks so much Bob......Yeah I also noticed those pitch issues when I was mixing the tracks....still have issues recording with headphones!!!.....Anyway I would NOT have got this far without you.....funny thing is now that I have got this far I feel that I am just starting....and its been really cool so far....haha.
    More to come.....some really good stuff....
    Thanks Bob.....YOU ROCK MAN...!!!
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    edited January 2016
    Yes, you ARE just starting, but the best is yet to come! We put in lots of work, but when we start making breakthroughs, it's another New Start from that point forward. We're always learning and growing!

    : ^)

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    Cheers Bob. I redid the pitch issues in 'Nothing Else Matters' and remixed it....much better I think. I redo and correct ALL the things you pick out straight away by the way...I suppose thats why I'm progressing....haha.
    I provided the new link to 'Nothing Else Matters' if you would like to hear it again.
    Cheers Bob and thanks a million.
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    Hey, Tom!
    Yes, I remember you were having some struggles with using headphones and getting the pitch just right sometimes.

    This is a lot better, but I'm still hearing a little bit when you bend the note up on "Do" at 2:13, and then "Do" again isn't quite there at 4:44. You're getting closer, though, like a hound on the trail, you are persistent, and that will get you where you want to be!

    Something else struck me when I listened this time:
    You need this song to really kind of pivot on AH/eh. In other words, we want to hang out on the AH vowel to the greatest extent that we can. Sometimes you need to get over to EE, which often will be eh when you are singing high. So many of your phrases should be built around AH/eh so you can get from one to the other without closing down the vocal tract. Sometimes it's AH/AA, but we want to keep contiguous vowels flowing with only slight, light consonants.

    One thing I want to remind you of as well, is to avoid sustaining consonants.
    So when you sing Matterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, that's a no-no. ; ^)

    So think like this: Nah th-ah ngels MAA TAHs (Sustaining on the AH instead of the rrrrrrrrrr. You can hold that AH for as long as you want the note to go on and just lightly close it on the quick, light r.

    So most of your vowels will lean towards ah, eh, and AA. I will usually be AH or AH-ee, or AH-eh. Keep the throat open, the vowels flowing, and the consonants light. You don't have to go overboard on this AH thing, but if you just lean in that direction and bias your vowels in that way, it will naturally cause your phrases to be more sonorous and keep your throat open a greater percentage of the time without closing down.

    I'm still liking the tone and character of your voice. It's really developing in a good way.

    All the Best!

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    This is great....thanks Bob.
  • Oh yeah Black Night is my favourite too. Nice job man!
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