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rerecording vocals

Hi there. So, I recorded a song a while back, an original piece and just put it up on line. A small handful of people bought it but most people just chose the live stream option. Although the song isn't super popular I know a lot of people enjoyed it, hense why I recorded it. I've really (REALLY) been wanting to rerecord the vocals though. I studied classical singing when I first started for about a year and a half. My voice was extremely dark and as Ken says "covered," in the sound. It's a rock ballad so the dark sound really doesn't fit. My voice and singing technique is much different now, and I'd rather have the song out with my current voice. I'm thinking of rerecording the vocals and just replacing the track that's online. Only issue I can think of is that there is a small amount of people that have bought the song with the dark vocals and I guess I feel like I'd be cheating them since they payed for it. Anyone got any opinions on this?


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