Hi Bob. Hope all is well with you my friend.
First up, I have solved my headphone problem. The problem I was having was that I simply could not hear myself properly with the setup I had before. I have an 'all-in-one' pre-amp (gain,mix ect.) I just could not get a correct balance between hearing the instrumental mix and what has coming through my headphones....ie. turn up the gain turn down the instrumental track and visa versa...NO good....I was literally trying to 'feel' my way through a recording....this effected my support the most and I'd loose my way a bit. I tried placing just one part of the headphones to one ear....I know this is a NO NO with Ken and he is 100% correct and this messed with my pitch ect.ect. So I bought myself a headphone amp.........What a difference that has made. I got so frustrated by prepairing myself for recording, sounding good and then come time to record (with headphones)...same issues!!!
It got to the point where I really did not like recording.......PROBLEM SOLVED.....I can hear myself now!!!! and now getting used to this new setup.
Anyway I have done a demo with this setup....a ....wait for it....A Beatles tune!.....Now, I know you are probably the biggest Beatle fan out there (I'm second...haha) so take it easy OK!!!.....haha I think this came out well....the mix too....
Cheers Bob...stay well. Tom


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,353

    Sounds good, Tom! I would like to hear you nail that A4 sooner. On the intro and the middle break "AH, look at ALL..." on "all" you are starting on Ab and bending up to it. It makes it sound flat, p even though you are bending up to a full A4 that is not flat. It just sounds flat, or at least questionable, if you're not on A natural before the downbeat for that note. So either come right in on the note (dropping down from up above) or at least don't be behind the beat of being in tune with the A. That is the most crucial note of the song (besides the first note), so it's best to just home right in on the center of that note instead of sliding up to it. You can hit it, so hit it straight-on.

    Overall, you do seem to be on track with your monitoring setup. That's a breakthrough. Good for you!

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