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Two problems that I have in the audio workouts

I have two problems in the audio workouts (I'm a volume 1 beginner):
1. In some audio workouts- the fast ones, I have problem getting all the notes and hitting them because the scales are very fast.

2. How do I use the vowel modifications that Ken teaches in the videos within the audio workouts correctly (and when)... I'm not sure.?

Please help me :/


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,346
    Hi, @Dragoee,

    Beginners often have a little difficulty keeping up with the pace of the scales and hitting all of the notes. Even experienced singers can have to work to keep up, if they aren't warmed-up yet.

    First, understand that your voice will grow and that will take time. You will normally start out singing on any given day and not be warmed-up yet, so that's yet another obstacle to overcome, but not one that should discourage you.

    Regarding the speed of the scales, one thing that you can do is listen to the first scale, then stop the playback and sing it as slowly and carefully as you can, without the playback. Work on moving from note-to-note, all the way through the scale, then move on to the next scale on that track.

    With time, your voice will improve at moving from note-to-note, and you can improve the speed. The scales are designed to make you work so that you will grow, so they aren't overly-easy. These are skills you want to build.

    The mods are something that happen at slightly different notes for each singer, because all of us have slightly different voices. Listen to Ken as he speaks in-between the scales on the audio exercises. He says things like "right about here, you may be beginning to feel a little tension..."

    He's giving you cues that you may need to start with your vowel mods.

    The mods help you to readjust your throat to relieve some of the tension that builds as you sing higher. For guys, depending on your range, you may feel this around D# or E where you would first modify AH to Aw as in loft. The next mod will be a few notes higher. As your voice grows over time, these mods should move up to higher locations, but for now they will probably be a little lower, because your voice has not had time to grow yet. Many guys get to where their first mod is up at G4 or higher, but that comes after a lot of work.

    This should help you get started at moving on. Take your time. Stop the playback and work these things out at your own speed. Gradually you can try to keep up with the speed of the workout scales. You'll know you are making progress as you begin to speed up.

    All the Best.


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