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Hey everyone.  I've been on this forum for a few months now, and have forgotten to introduce myself.  My name is Scott Patrick, and i live in Canada.  I have been singing for 20yrs or so at a semi professional level.  I have a rock country band(WYATT) here in Canada that is doing quite well, we've had a few top 40 hits at country radio.  I discovered Ken Tamplin about 1 yr ago on youtube, but actually had been a huge fan of his Christian Rock group SHOUT.  He had always been an inspiration, and i was blown away when i found out he had his own Vocal Program.  I had studied voice over the years, and was resigned to be a singer with moderate range. I've been working the program for about a year, and my range has increased about an octave, and i'm finding tone that i never new was there!  I've always been a fan of the great 80's rock singers, and on this program i'm getting closer to being able to sing some of my favorite songs, day by day.  Its been great to be a part of this forum, and learn from so many experienced vocalists.


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    Thanks for filling us in on where you are coming from.  Your samples you've posted show that you are well on your way to great singing!  Your posts are very helpful as well, and I pay very close attention to the pointers you give. 

    We're all blessed to have so many knowledgeable vocalists hanging out here, posting great insights for others to share!

    You are appreciated!


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    Thanks Scott! Now I know to refer to you as Scott, instead of sspatrick (unless I need to 'tag' you, of course)

    I'll definitely check out your band. Do you have a website/facebook/myspace?

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    yeah it seems everyone call me patrick on here.  You know what they say about people with 2 first names.....Yes we do have a website www.wyattmusic.com.  you can also find us on facebook as well.  Our last album was a little more country, this new project is a little more rock n roll, so i really got to let loose on the vocals.  We're also on ITUNES.  have a good one.
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    Cheers Scott. I'll check you out. I've deactivated my facebook for a while, as I wanted to take the distraction away for a few days, but I'll find you when I go back on there... and I'll look up your website.
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    Hi Patrick,

    Great intro; I've already read loads of your posts. Great that there are so many working musicians like yourself on the forum with loads of experience of playing live/recording etc. I find this kind of insight of real value so don't hold back!


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