Guys! Please Could Y'all Evaluate My Voice :)

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Hi Everyone! :)
My name's Victor. I just got the "How to Sing Better Than Anyone Else Vol. 1." Please I would appreciate it if you guys could evaluate my voice. The links to the audio files are below. God bless! Victor


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    How Great is Our God: Very. 


    Overall, like on your other vocal samples, I would suggest you brighten up the tone a bit.  There is nothing wrong with the tone you have.  It's kinda like a R and B sound as it stands today.  I predict that after working out on the CD exercises for a few months, you will have developed more breath support and also have a little more edge on your voice, which will help to get your pitch even more accurate. 

    Mighty to save: I evaluated this on your other thread.

    Practice, Practice, Practice!  Your voice will grow!


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    Hey Victor.  This sounds pretty good. i think you will notice a significant difference after digging into volume 1.  Pay close attention to the lessons on support, and breathing.  Also, don't be afraid to sing a little louder.  pretend that someone is across the street and you want to get their attention, by saying Hey.  That should get you starting at an appropriate singing level.  Remember that if it hurts, you've gone too far.  Back off the volume.   by doing this you will also feel what the support muscles(abs, diaphragm) should be doing.  You could also try putting your hands on your waist, and do a simple Ha.  You should feel the stomach pulling in, and the lower back muscles tensing. If you don't, trying contracting those muscles with a little more intensity.  Best of luck.
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    Thanks a lot, Bob and Patrick, for your evaluation and encouragement! :) I'll keep on practicing to be the best I can possibly be. Thanks! :)
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