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So first up I would like to thank Bob for that very informative answer in my "MASK??" thread

so ok here it goes

I've found out that I can sing the scales up to a B4 but I can't seem to sing a note thats higher than an A4 on actual songs

and I can hit an A4 just not every time. It's more of a hit and miss but I can hit it everyday just not every time I try to hit it. get what I mean?

so yeah why is this so?

just so you guys know KTVA did and still does help me a lot with my voice

it's amazing


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    As always, if you put up a sample, somebody here can do an evaluation that will be more meaningful than theorizing on what you might be doing that is holding you back from consistently reaching those higher notes.

    In fact, you will probably get mutiple responses, as there are several members here that are giving spot-on advice!

    Giving a blind evaluation, most likely you are not shedding weight when going high while singing songs and/or may not be using vowel modifications as needed.

    As new learners, we can sometimes remember to modify when doing a repetitive scale, but then forget when doing songs with more vowels than just AH or EE and melodies that go up and down more randomly than practice scales. 

    Try Slowing your songs down and figure out where the mods should be and if you still can't figure out how to modify, then sing the entire song on AH and modify until you realize where the places are that will require vowel modifications (such as B-flat 4)!!!



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    i agree with what Bob is saying.  Sometimes when we go to sing a song, we throw all of our training out the window.  I always do a check if i'm having trouble starting from the ground up. 1.  Am i supporting the note enough  2.  am i constricting in the throat area 3.  Am i modifying the vowel correctly 4.  Placement-where am i directing the note(mask).
    Also, you will have to look at what the actual word is that you are singing on the A4.  What is the vowel, are you doing it correctly.  Try singing the line with only the vowel sounds.  Ken does this a lot with students when troubles arise.  
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    Bob and Scott -
    "Sometimes when we go to sing a song, we throw all of our training out the window." - I'm definitely guilty of this, and you've both given really good advice here. I think with me it's that when I'm singing live I belt everything out, and I struggle to shed that weight, sing softer, and get into head voice.
    I have gotten better with the support and breathing side of things, but the other stuff, especially the vowel mods are hard to incorporate into 'real singing'.

    Everything I do when singing with a band is in chest voice, and so far I haven't found an effective way to get around it and get up into head voice onstage. Often I can barely hear myself in the monitors, so I'm competing with that, but I can't always blame the monitors. In the covers band we do Rolling In The Deep by Adele (we do it in the key of A, as opposed to the original key of C, just because of our singer's range) - I do all of the backing vocal parts in the bridges and choruses ("You're gonna wish you, never had met me, tears are gonna fall, rolling in the deep"), and by the end of the song I'm knackered! Singing those repeating lines so many times throughout the song while pulling my chest up. Those lines are based around G and A notes which feel like they're at the top end of my range (although I can hit a high C in chest voice while doing my morning workout). I REALLY have to concentrate on my support during that song. I tried to put more mask into the song on Saturday, and it helped with getting the notes earlier in the song, but by the end of it I was getting really pitchy and struggling.

    I'm not necessarily asking for advice here, I think I've just gotta keep working with the program, but I just wanted to back up what halcyon was saying about 'hitting notes in the workouts that you can't hit while singing songs'

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    i think adding a bit of mask into those notes(the G and A) are a great idea.  I have trouble with that as well, and have to isolate the line and the vowels and really work on it.  Also, when singing in that range it will feel a little lighter for you, as compared to jamming full chest voice up there, so you may tend to over sing it(especially if you can't hear yourself in the monitors.  Really work the exercises, concentrating on keeping the volume consistent, and not forcing the volume in the upper mid range.   this week i've decided to only do the first half of volume 3 as a warm up, and then concentrate on specific songs because i am finding that i can do the exercises, but haven't used the techniques enough in actual songs to see any improvement.  so far its really been working.  I am working on Starlight by Myles Kennedy, and having a lot of fun with it.  we'll see how it goes.
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