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About chest voice...

Okay, this might come off as a very silly question--I think I have asked this before, but just can't find the post, so forgive me if this is repetitive.

When we talk about chest voice and the bright ping, the resonance can be felt in the chest and throat. Is this correct? And even when you go over C5, the "sound" still resonates a bit in the chest, right? As in, you can feel the vibration in the chest, right?

Some people say that chest voice doesn't actually resonate in the chest area. So I am kind of confused.

As always, thank you! :)


  • huberthubert Pro Posts: 125
    edited January 2016
    Chest voice will resonate in the head on the higher notes (above d4-d#4 in my case) so you got the feeling of singing "without the throat" or just without tensing/squeezing throat to get the higher notes out. Chest voice is the sound, the resonance shifts from throat/chest cavity into the mouth/soft palate and finally nasal cavity/skull as the notes get higher and higher. OF course low notes are not 100% chest cavity/tjroat resonance and no nasal resonance, it's more like 70% chest/20% mouth/10% nasal resonance, than the percentages of this shift more into 70% nasal/30% mouth/0% chest resonance on the highest chest voice notes (above high c). It's always a combination of resonances, not 100% one or the other. Remember that :smile: Chest voice is a quality of sound combined with more vocal cords connection/adduction than head voice. Chest sound can resonate in head, but head voice sound can not resonate in the chest cavity like chest voice does on the lower/medium notes.
  • EnglishTea123EnglishTea123 Enrolled Posts: 80
    Ahhh I see... So, basically, it starts from dominant chest, and it gradually lessens. Thank you for clarifying that. I just noticed during my practice today that, when I put one hand on my chest and I try to keep that vibration as I ascend the scale, it helps me to stay in chest voice without breaking, and I start to gain volume control. Of course, as you just mentioned, the vibration isn't as profound as it is during the lower notes, but making sure that the sound still "resonates" a bit in my chest helps me on Bb4 and B4. Is this a sign that I am practicing right? I know it's hard to discern without hearing me, and I will post my practice clip as soon as I get the chance.
  • huberthubert Pro Posts: 125
    I feel literally ZERO vibration when I put my hand on the chest while singing b4 in chest voice altough it sounds completely like chest (not mix, not head) it actually resonates in the head.
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